Catesby Birds & Fish

Mark Catesby, distinguished English naturalist, traveled to the New World in 1712 and again in 1722 to study and observe the flora and fauna of Virginia and the Carolinas. For four years he painted the birds and flowers of the new land. Of his work he wrote, “In designing the Plants, I always did them while fresh and just-gathered: and the Animals, particularly the Birds, I painted while alive… and gave them their Gestures peculiar to every kind of Birds, and where it could be admitted, I have adapted the Birds to those Plants on which they fed, or have any relation to.”

From the 200 colored prints of the New World birds, animals, and plants which Mark Catesby engraved, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Inc. and The Dietz Press have chosen twenty of the most colorful to reproduce. The 22,000 series prints are accurate and authentic reproductions, hand done in water colors on specially-made paper simulating antique paper. The 355,000 series prints are only available as lithographs. Originally intended as scientific reference works, these bird-and-flower studies today are elegant decorative pieces. They may be purchased singly, in pairs, or in the complete portfolio of twelve. Each print measures 18″ x 24: unframed including margins.