Furber Fruits

Robert Furber, the same English nurseryman who in 1730 had published “Twelve Months of Flowers,” in 1732 issued a series of plates called “Twelve Months of Fruits.” The twelve prints illustrate 364 varieties of fruit grouped according to the months in which they ripen. Accurately and brilliantly “coloured to the life,” they were unlike anything else ever published in England and were in such demand in their day that they were soon impossible to obtain. Twelve mint-condition originals are in the Colonial Williamsburg collection.

The Dietz Press has meticulously copied the set of twelve on rag paper especially chosen to duplicate the old paper. Skilled artists have matched all the rich color of the original hand-colored engravings. The border of each print bears the sign of the zodiac for the month, and each fruit is identified in the lower margin. Of unusual interest are the varied bowls, basket, and dishes used in the arrangement of the fruits. Each print is 18.5″ x 24″ unframed including margins.